Current Courses

Pass Plus - a course designed for newly qualified drivers to be undertaken within one year of passing the driving test.

It provides additional training in aspects perhaps not covered by your driving lessons.

These include:

  • Town driving - coping with difficult junctions and busy traffic
  • All-weather driving - how to deal with driving in fog, snow, rain, ice and bright sunshine
  • Out of town driving - teaches dealing with hazards you may encounter when driving on country roads
  • Night driving - covers all aspects of driving in the dark including speed judgement, vehicle lighting, visibility and parking
  • Dual carriageways - covers joining, leaving, observation and overtaking
  • Motorways - covers joining, leaving, forward planning, overtaking and safety

The course consists of a minimum of six hours training and on completion there is no test required. Most major car insurance companies offer financial discounts to those who have successfully completed this course.

Motorway courses - great for drivers who are particularly nervous on the motorway. I will teach you how to enter, exit and change lanes safely on the motorway and help to give you the confidence you may be lacking. If you are unable to do the Pass Plus course, it is advisable to at least gain some motorway driving experience once you pass your driving test.

Refresher courses - particularly suited to aid those wanting to concentrate on certain aspects of their driving or for people who have not driven for a while and wanting to brush up on techniques. For example: motorway driving, bay parking, multi storey car parks, approaching roundabouts, reversing or anything you consider you would like to improve on.